Allan Padelford Camera Cars has designed and built all current equipment as well as other specialty equipment such as the Jeff Gordon jump and stunt car used in the Pepsi commercials, the Dude Sled for the Mountain Dew commercial and the USS Seabiscuit for the movie "Seabiscuit." After the success of the Sea Biscuit Rig, APCC was commandered to design and build a new rig for the movie, "Star Trek" which is now the Biscuit Jr. The Biscuit Jr. has been used in dozens of features including Hangover , The Book of Eli, Drive, Stand Up Guys and The Lone Ranger. In 2010, the Biscuit II was purpose built for the movie "Total Recall" and has become a popular tool for car commercials and action sequences because of its ability to receive a full car which reduces productions labor costs and set up time. The Biscuit Rig's innovation was acknowledged and honored with an Academy Award for Technical Achievement in 2015.