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"Fast and Furious 8" took the franchise to Iceland and Cuba before returning to the US to wrap up filming in Cleveland, Atlanta and New York. Spiro Razatos has a great team behind him and we and honored to be brought along to capture the action. The Raptor with EDGE system (pictured), Subie Chase Car and the Mercedes with Tracker and UpDown Rig were in Iceland. Our two Remote Drive Systems headed to Cuba, while the Escalade, Porsche, Subie and Plate Car returned to finish work in the states. Check out the trailer below. Go TEAM MALAKA!!!

The Biscuit Rig spent 10 weeks in Atlanta working hard for Second Unit Director, Darrin Prescott, on "Baby Driver."
Stunt Coordinator, Robert Nagle, used and abused the rig filming some great stunt moves with multiple vehicles.