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Jupiter Ascending

Raptor and BiscuitApr 7 2015

Our new Off Road Raptor with and without Matt Tracks spent time following our latest Biscuit Rig across the terrain in the Calgary countryside as the actor held reign on a mechanical horse from Creature Effects.

Monster TrucksSep 23 2014

Allan and Fred North line up for a shot on “Monster Trucks.” Our Edge Crane pulled double duty riding atop Performance Filmwork's Off Road Tundra and our Porsche Cayenne. Additionally, the Subie Cam Car got the ground scrapping shots with the Talon Head and our Raptor Camera Car had front and rear mounted 3 camera arrays for the back ground plate shots.
Thanks to Spiro for another great adventure.
A special shout out to a fantastic Canadian crew from production to camera and stunts, we thank you for your support and friendship, we really enjoyed our stay in the north.
Many thanks to our crew~
Camera Car Drivers: Allan Padelford and Donny Bailey
EDGE Crane Operator: Jason Tubbs
EDGE Head Techs: James Spud Danicic and Darrick Akey
Camera Operators: Maurice McGuire and Nino Pansini
and our Camera Car Mechanic: Adam Jeffrey